Whether you are going on a personal group wine tour, check out The Wine Source, 13.5% Wine Bar and Chesapeake Wine Company with our charter bus rental service

Wine Hunting in Baltimore

Apr 10, 2014

There are many ways to have your wine trail or wine hunting adventure. First off, you can have a personal wine hunt on your own. All you need to do is to do your own research and plan your own itinerary. The downside to doing that is that you don’t have ‘insider secrets’. Comments and feedback from Yelp and Tripadvisor can only go so far. The real wine lovers are not necessarily the ones who interact online, you see.

The other way to find great wine in Baltimore with a rented charter bus is to hire a personal guide. There are many of them all around Baltimore and their services are available quite affordably. Hiring a personal wine tour guide is great if you have a group of wine lovers who is going to be doing the wine tasting group tour with a charter bus with you.

Another alternative is to join a pre-programmed wine tasting tour whereby you can to interact with new faces. This type of wine tour is suitable for those who are looking forward to making new friends during their wine tour. They don’t mind sharing ideas, suggestions and enjoying the company of new friends.

Either way, the main objective is to discover new recipes, new ways of brewing and new wine to bring home with you. Some of you might even be investing in some really great wines discovered during the tour.

Here are some wine companies and stores to look out for during and after the wine tour is over.

The Wine Source

3601 Elm Ave., Baltimore

The store is a local favorite because it tends to become a place where wine lovers congregate and get together. Its focus does not stop at just being a wine store, it offers special wine tours, gatherings, wine pairing with special cheese, sake, soju, cheese, chocolates, specialty food, beers, books, accessories and countless gift ideas. In fact, if you need to consult someone about an upcoming event like wedding, give them a ring. Because of their connections, their events tend to attract winery professionals and many distributors from all around Baltimore.

13.5% Wine Bar

117 W 36th St., Hampden, Baltimore

13.5% is a wine store as well as a wine bar. They have built a modern, chic yet comfortable lounge for their charter bus visitors to sit around to enjoy the wine that they provide. Indeed, it is a chic and upscale wine bar that anyone can enjoy with friends and family but they have a wide range of wine selection so, you do not have to splurge on expensive wines in order to enjoy the night. All the wine that comes in through the doors of 13.5% have undergone true tests by the staff before they are offered to their customers and visitors. Peter Keck, the bar’s manager, runs special wine tasting event every Wednesday. If you are keen, be sure to book a space for yourself because space is limited and they are often quickly snapped up by loyal customers.

Chesapeake Wine Company

2400, Boston St., Baltimore

What is unique about Chesapeake Wine Company is that wine tasting becomes a very personal experience. Choosing to work with small wine companies is what they after and they make no apologies for not carrying big brand names and mass produced wine. So, when you walk in through the door during your charter bus visit in Baltimore, you know you are sharing the vision and personal preference of the owner and staff who have tasted the wines for themselves. The store opens everyday from 11.00am to 9.00pm. The store opens at 11.00am and closes at 6.00pm on Sundays.

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