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Oct 29, 2013 - Inspiring Insight at Baltimore Museum of Industry

Baltimore is a city built and grew as an industrial hub and at the Baltimore Museum of Industry, you will get to dive straight right into the industrial revolution. Visitors have all raved and said that they learned so much about the revolution and began to understand Baltimore and its residents a whole lot more after that. Baltimore Bus Rentals have been lucky enough to have served as a Baltimore transportation company for our customers when they made their visit to Baltimore Museum of Industry.

What can you learn from the museum? When you make your way to old cannery, where this tourist destination is location, you will discover a world of various types of manufacturing from earlier parts of the 20th century. These industries helped shape not just Baltimore or Maryland, but have a huge role in shaping America as a country. The kids are going to fall absolutely heads over heels in love with the hands-on section during your Baltimore bus rentals vacation. The olden-type equipments have been repaired and refurbished to perfect working order so that you can give the equipment a spin. There are many other interesting artifacts to learn up on too so, we are quite certain you are going to have the time of your life investigating and exploring them all.

Many of the exhibits are dedicated to Baltimore as a city that has grown by leaps and bounds because of the manufacturing sector but let’s just say that the exhibit that truly took away the spotlight was The Baltimore. The Baltimore is the last, single oldest-surviving steam tugboat. You will not find another one like it in America. In fact, the tugboat has been named as a part of the National Historic Landmark.

When our Baltimore bus rentals customers say that it is an interesting museum, they mean it. Definitely not your conventional art and exhibit museum, for sure. And we think elderly people might really love the place because they might remember even more about the old vehicles and perhaps, store goods and machinery might tug at their heartstrings a whole lot more too.

Baltimore’s Museum of Industry is very well-maintained and run with multiple rooms featuring specific topics or industry. For example, you would find one room focusing on just bakery stuff, and then another showcases auto garage materials, and then another with exhibits from the garment manufacturing sector from the older times.

To say that the Baltimore bus rentals museum is fascinating is not at all an understatement so, head over and discover a world of stuff you thought you would never want to know about. Get ready to be blown over.