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Dec 5, 2012 - Eating Out in Baltimore

Baltimore, with its beginnings as a seaport, has welcomed many different cultures. As such, anyone visiting Baltimore will be spoilt for choice in selecting a place to eat during your charter bus tour visit. Longshoremen fare, fine French dining, avant-garde Fusion cuisine, ethnic offerings such as Thai, Turkish or Turkmen, you can find almost every taste from around the world in Baltimore.

Breakfast bites in Baltimore run from your typical greasy spoon diners, to upscale gourmet bistros. The Papermoon Diner in Charles Village serves excellent omelets and pancakes, along with crispy hash browns. And as if it is possible to run out of options in terms of finding a good restaurant during your charter bus rental trip here, we also strongly recommend The Golden West Cafe on 36th Street offers an all day breakfast. Apart from standard breakfast fare, the cafe has recently expanded it’s vegetarian offerings, in recognition of the demand from the hipster crowd that hangs out there. Miss Shirley’s Cafe in Roland Park serves Southern style fare for breakfast and dinner. A good choice for anyone looking for a hearty meal to start the day.

Believe it or not, Lunch in Baltimore can be a serious business. For quick, cheap lunches, it would be hard to beat Martha and Mary’s in Reistertown on the Main Street. With the most expensive dish, a large pizza, set at $8.99, Martha and Mary’s serves a wide range of standard lunch fare which makes for a perfect meal for a hungry bunch of people who are on a rushed charter bus rental group vacation together. For a taste of something a little more exotic, with an eye on the clock, Lumbini’s at 332 N. Charles serves a great Nepalese/Indian buffet. Ranging from mild to spicy, the taste of the food at Lumbini’s brings out the exotic flavours and aromas of Indian cooking, without being overwhelming. For good pub type food, Garry’s Grill in Severna Park is worth checking out with the charter bus traveling buddies. Although a little hard to find, Garry’s has a great cozy pub atmosphere, and serves food to match. A menu that lists 14 salads, plus 5 build your own choices, along with a long list of burgers, sandwiches and wraps, makes this a good choice for a business person to entertain, or be entertained, while doing business.

For fine dining in Baltimore, look no further than Charleston in Lancaster Street. Ruled over by Chef Cindy Wolf, Charleston’s reputation for ‘low country’ cuisine has spread far beyond Baltimore. If you’re in the mood for seafood, Kali’s Court in Thames Street serves Mediterranean cuisine in a romantic ambiance. Accompanied by an extensive wine list, dinner at Kali’s is perfectly ended with one of their delectable Creme Brulee’s. For a taste of fusion, Roy’s, founded by Roy Yamaguchi, is a must-go-to destination. Roy’s Restaurant is located in Harbor East. Serving an eclectic fusion menu, Roy’s allows their chefs to stamp their own personality onto the dishes they serve.