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Jan 8, 2013 - Eastern Shore Escapade

As with other cities in the world, the best time to visit Baltimore Maryland would be SUMMER TIME! This is when the excitement completely becomes charged with activities which revolves around....yes, you have guessed right, water. Maryland may be known as a sailing capital of the world, the residents and holiday-goers seems to love the availability of water theme parks too. As the summer months roll along, the temperature might pick up a notch or two, so, with the heat on, it is only natural for people to start organizing trips down to the nearest water front, which includes the Eastern Shore. There is simply so much to do there on the Eastern Shore.

Baltimore Maryland is lucky in a way that it is strategically-located between the popular Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. A quick search on the internet will reveal to you that holiday merry-makers have a very deep love for the Eastern shore because this is also the time when the theme parks starts coming up with new rides, new slides and new ways to have fun. The Eastern side of the city brings you historical towns that you can throng to when in the Baltimore rented charter bus. Coincidentally, there are lots of beaches and good dining spots surrounding these beach front areas and the locals have started up their own fishing and boating-based businesses up.

Summer events, as fun as they are, are often rolled out throughout the two or three months when the sun is happily gazing down from the skies. Have a look around the internet to find your favorite waterfront festival and put that down into your itinerary. Coming over to Baltimore during summer means that you may have to rent out a charter bus in order to attend as many of the exhibits, fun arts and crafts gatherings, golfing tournaments and concerts as possible. This is especially true if you have very young children, elderly or disabled people together with you during your travels.

There is, of course, much talk about Chesapeake Bay but it is not the only waterfront town in Baltimore. How about taking the rented charter bus to places like Rock Hall, a small, charming, and friendly fishing town a few hours’ drive away from the downtown area? Rock Hall has, on its own, fifteen marinas and a history related to the fishing industry. The history cuts so deep that even the young ones today have a very deep bond with the activity business and industry. To make the deal even sweeter, in Rock Hall, it is a well-known fact that there are more than two hundred and thirty over species of different birds. So, bird watchers and lovers, do we hear you calling for a quick charter bus right about now for your coming Baltimore charter bus rental trip? We think so.